Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sherlock - The Hounds of Baskerville

On Sunday January 8 the second episode of the current series of Sherlock was aired.  This one was based on the story the Hound of the Baskervilles.  Personally this is my favourite of all the Sherlock Holmes stories and I can say I was a bit worried about how this would be done.  The story line was different to the original but the tone was a bit similar even if the motives behind everything was different.

The episode starts with Sherlock being very bored and wanting a new case.  When Watson says he should check his email he ridicules the case that he found about a girl who wants him to find Bluebell her rabbit who went missing after glowing in the dark.  Luckily Henry Knight comes to see them and brings with him the story of his father’s murder by a huge hound in Dartmoor.  Sherlock in his usual fashion disregards the whole thing apart from the fact that Henry used the word hound.  

The story line of this episode did detract from the original quite a bit but then I don’t see how they could have kept the original story without seeming outdated.  In this story Baskerville is not the name of the affected family but rather a secret military research base.  Anyway Sherlock and Watson go to Dartmoor, which honestly is really beautiful while being totally creepy at night, to investigate Henry’s claims.  

I have to say that the way the characters handled everything added to the eerie feel of this episode.  The scene were wonderfully done as we with you feeling nervous and a little scared for everyone without being terrified out of your mind or bored.  I did feel bad for Watson in this episode because Sherlock was kind of freaking out and was really mean to him.  

There are a host of wonderful scenes in this episode that are just really amazingly done.  The creepiest for me was when Henry is at home and his outside light keeps going on.  Russell Tovey was unbelievable in this scene and you really felt for him.  

All in all this was another wonderful episode from the Sherlock crew.  There were twists because I seriously thought that it was either Henry’s therapist or the doctor who makes animals glow.  There were also good moments between all the characters.

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